handmade sustainable jewelry from Hamburg, Germany by LLR Studios

How our jewelry creations are made

Our own aspiration is the measurement of everything we do: We want to offer our customers only high quality and timeless jewelry. Even more: Uncompromising quality is our top priority. And that applies not only to all of the materials we use, but also to all areas of production.

Our gold and silver jewelry meets high quality standards and is exclusively made in Germany. Some of our products are elaborately handcrafted by us. Our real gold pendants, for example, are forged by hand, and we mount together the pearl and gemstone chains in our studio. Every single piece is created with great precision, if you wish, exactly according to your ideas. And that is also important to us: Everything we do, we always do with a lot of devotion and love.

We consciously source our pearls and gemstones from family businesses in Germany, with which we maintain a close relationship of trust. We visit our suppliers regularly and convince ourselves of the quality and properties of the materials on site. The same applies here: We order the best raw materials for our products. For you!

We not only have high demands towards our products, we see ourselves as founders with social responsibility. We strive for a production process that is as sustainable as possible. This is not only proven by our Mix and Match Collection, we also only use recycled silver and gold for our jewelry. The entire manufacturing process is built on values. We pay attention to short supply chains and purchase our products directly from suppliers in Germany.

There are no natural gemstones and pearls in Germany. That is why we purchase these from abroad through various German suppliers who, for example, grow the pearls we use according to strict quality requirements.

We don't compromise on our understanding of quality. For us, freshwater pearls, for example, have to have a high quality standard. The luster shine of pearls, for example, is extremely important to us. This is the strength of the pearl's brilliance and reflection. We also meticulously examine the surfaces of our pearls, they must be smooth and must not have any stains or color defects.

Freshwater pearls are a natural product and every pearl is different. Every single pearl is a unique gift from nature. We appreciate that. That fascinates us. Because it makes each of our pieces of jewelry unique.

The size of the pearls is another quality feature. The following applies: the larger the pearl, the more valuable. Larger pearls are of course also heavier and are not necessarily suitable for every piece of jewelry, such as earrings. But we have wonderful alternatives for you. For everyone who would like to wear their jewelry more conspicuously, we offer the baroque pearl. For those who like it more subtle, the Keshi pearl is suitable, which is flatter, lighter and has a charmingly uneven surface structure.

Whatever decision you make, our offer will convince you, because our Keshi and Baroque pearls impress with their unique shape. In any case, we will find the perfect pearl for you in our diverse selection. It's best to make your own picture. We look forward to seeing you in our studio. Then we can get to know your wishes and advise you personally. Let us inspire you. We want to make you shine. It's about your look, your style.

rose quartz earring pendants | natural gemstone jewelry

Our aspiration is also a promise. That is why we do not only pay attention to the best quality for our pearls. The same applies to our gemstones: only top quality counts. When choosing stones, it is very important to us to have a distinctive, intense color. The color must be rich, shiny and, above all, expressive. This is how we create the individual character of our jewelry. And the shine that we want to give to you. The different marbling of our gemstones makes each gemstone something special. As uniquely beautiful as you are.

We would be happy to make your individual jewelry for you. Send us an email with your wishes or give us a call. Of course, we are also there for you during Corona time. Just give us a call and we can arrange a virtual appointment to show you all the combinations of our jewelry. We look forward to meeting you!