For our collection we are inspired by the beauty of nature and diversity of our direct surroundings. Our beloved grandma taught us about the uniqueness of certain gems and pearls and how every piece has a special role. Every gem has a specific meaning and spiritual aspect. Every pearl has its own history and value.  

The pearls in our collection are a symbol for love and beauty. Every single piece celebrates the elegancy, pride and individuality of us women! With our LLR pearl & gem collection, we strive to support your true self and inner beauty. 


Find out more about the specific meanings of our pearls & gems:


Freshwater Pearls

Uniqueness is our passion. We make sure that no pearl is like the other. Every piece of jewelry has its own distinct character. 

Individuality is what makes us happy.Due to the various shapes of every pearl, we design one of its kind pieces for you.

Pearls symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. Freshwater pearls will help you to go through every lesson life teaches you, and therefore make you stronger and wiser. Pearls are also known for their calming effects and the ability to balance your aura. They will ground and center you no matter how chaotic your world gets.



Aquamarin - Lightness I Happiness I Courage

The name of the Aquamarin stone is a derivation from the latin term ‘aqua marina’ which means seawater. Therefor the colours of an Aquamarin reminds you of seawater. This stone is used as a protection stone. In the antiquity the aquamarin was used to give courage to the sailors for their journey. Also, the aquamarin is considered as a stone of serenity, lightness and happiness. In partnerships the aquamarin can help with the deepening of love. Additionally, the memory performance can be improved through the use of the aquamarin.


Blue Lapis - Happiness I Healing I Truth

The blue Lapis is said to have magical characteristics. Even Cleoprata and Napoleon appreciated the advantages and powers of the blue lapis stone. This gem should bring happiness and healing to you and in addition it is regarded as a gem of truth. Through the lapis stone you find out who you really are. Furthermore, you become more self-aware and start reflecting on your own feelings. Also, the sleep is improved, because the Blue Lapis provides attention and rest.


Chrysoprase - Trust I Hope I Peace

In ancient times, chrysoprase was considered as a cure for depression. It gives you peace, security, trust, hope and creates new ways of thinking. You can master new paths in life better with the help of chrysoprase. So, this healing stone is able to help you in case of sorrow, to dissolve negative thoughts or to process the burden of the past.


Coral – Harmony I Relaxation I Strength

Matching its color (pink, to red, color of love) the coral helps and supports you especially with your partnership. It has a positive impact on the harmony of a relationship, dispels and prevents sexual aversion and generally strengthens your relationship.

It also frees you from anxiety and nervousness and harmoniously helps you to be relaxed and calm. It can also help with cramps and inner imbalance and thus strengthens the sense of community.


Hematite - Courage I Vitality I Joy

The hematite gives you courage and vitality as well as the joy of life. Through more spontaneity, independence, relaxation and determination, one's own needs receive more attention. Therefore, Hematite contributes to an improvement in the quality of life. It can also help you to avert unhappiness or negative influences and to open up reserves of strength.


Prase - Self-descipline I Peace I Balance 

The prase helps you particularly well with an irascible temperament. It encourages self-discipline and self-determination and can give you peace and balance. Thus, it contributes to the solution of conflicts and can even help irreconcilable people to arbitrate. Prase helps you to reflect and maintain control. The prase is a suitable stone for people with many obligations who are threatened by overburdening.


Red Jaspis - Satisfaction I Energy I Willpower

The red jasper gives you inner harmony, satisfaction and understanding. It frees you from blockades and external influences. In addition, it gives you more courage and willpower. It strengthens the willingness to solve conflicts in problematic situations. The red jasper brings back your energy and encourages you to work energetically on the realization of your own goals or ideas.


Rhyolite – Awareness I Self-acceptance I Freedom

The rhyolite clears away patterns such as humility and selfishness. It strengthens your awareness, improves perception and clarifies your own needs. In this way it has a relieving effect and brings more self-acceptance to you.