How did you come up with the idea of jewelry and founding LLR Studios? Disadvantage / advantage of siblings / family businesses? Has there always been a long passion for jewelry?

It's actually pretty easy to answer: we're not just sisters, we're best friends too. And it was always clear to us that if we ever wanted to start our own company, it would be together.

Basically, family is a strong focus of our brand, because we not only work together, we also draw inspiration from our family. We have a very close relationship with our mom and grandma, whom we affectionately call Moma. Through them we also have this strong connection to high-quality and special jewelry. As children, we used to marvel at the valuable gemstones, diamonds and gold and silver jewelry and then listen to the stories about them. It's a fascination that hasn't left us since then.

Furthermore, we had a small workshop in the basement, in which we made jewelry and other accessories with our mother and grandmother from an early age on. Ultimately, that is exactly what moved us to found the brand: creativity. At the time we founded LLR Studios, we were both at a point where that was exactly what was missing in our jobs. We had been playing with the idea for a long time and received support from our family from the very beginning. And after a family vacation in Mallorca, we decided to take this step.

In the beginning we set up LLR Studios alongside our jobs, developed designs and tried a lot of different pieces in order to see what works well. Finally, after six months, we took all of our courage, quit our jobs and got involved with LLR Studios full-time. Our first collection went online at the beginning of 2019 - that was very exciting, but it was definitely worth it.

Right from the start, we saw personal customer contact as the highest priority and organized regular events so that we could be available personally. Of course, this is currently not possible due to Corona. There is still the possibility to arrange a virtual appointment or to take part in our virtual events to find out more about our jewelry. We really value keeping customer contact as close and personal as possible and the virtual meetings with our customers give us the opportunity to continue to do so.

Being a family business is great. Nevertheless: In a family everyone knows their place, in a joint company you start all over again and have to find your place in the beginning. This can of course cause difficulties and it is sometimes hard to separate personal from private. Clear rules help us in everyday life, but no matter what happens, we know that we can always rely on each other. That is also the nice thing about it: We just know each other inside out and can always show consideration for each other.


What were the greatest difficulties and hurdles that you had to overcome on your way to establishing a company? What are your biggest challenges right now?

Building up your own business and creating a brand is certainly always a challenge. You are suddenly on your own and have to overcome uncertainties about finances or your own designs. Over time, we have learned how valuable it is to walk this path together and to strengthen each other on this journey again and again. Because suddenly you have to deal with topics that you had no idea about and need help from friends and family. Eventually, doubts keep creeping up. You begin to compare yourself and your designs with other brands and always try to be up to date even though this is absolutely contrary to our principles, since we rely on timelessness and do not always want to chase after the latest trends. The most important thing is to always believe in yourself and to show perseverance, even if the start can be very difficult.

The current Corona situation does not make it any easier: We opened our store at the end of 2019 with the idea of being able to receive our customers personally throughout the following year and to organize events. In addition, we wanted to place LLR Studios in other shops and hold pop-up events so that we can show our jewelry to our customers face to face. For the moment we will have to wait with all of that. This is why we are so looking forward to when we have survived this difficult time and can concentrate on residential events.

Who are your role models? Where do you get your inspiration from?

It is clearly the women in our family. Our mom worked a lot and at the same time managed to have a total of three children and provided them a with great childhood and supported them in everything. She still does that today. Our moma experienced the war, studied, although it was unusual at the time, and continues to inspire us today with her great style and sense of aesthetics. We all share a passion for high-quality and unique jewelry and that is what makes our work so particularly valuable.

We believe in the timelessness of jewelry, so of course we are also inspired by our environment. We look into the past, observe the people around us and process our impressions of art, nature, films and travel in our jewelry.


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