Small Mix & Match Pendant Set

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Expand your Mix & Match collection with one pair of pendants!

Mix and match different pearls and gemstones. As individual as you like.

This set comes with two pendants, one matching pair of your choice.


Our Pendants are made with natural gemstones.

  • Medium Gemstone: Ø 2cm
  • Big Gemstone: Ø 2,5cm
  • Keshi Pearl: ca. 2cm x 1,5cm

Mix and match different pearls and gemstones. As individual as you like.

Our Small Mix & Match Pendant Set is perfect for every mood and every outfit- by choosing 2 different pendant pairs you create your own individual set for your style.

Our earring pendants are as special and diverse as life. You can create different styles from a pair of earrings. Completely individual, as you like it. For every season. Brightly shining in summer, subtle and dark in winter. For the moment. For your feeling. 

The gemstones and pearls are high-quality natural products. Every gemstone has its exclusive color expression, a quality feature. The color in the pictures can differ slightly from the color of the gemstone.

Each pearl has its own individual shape. The Keshi pearl is a bit lighter and flatter. 


Materials & Production

Head over to our gemstones & pearls page for more about our gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Here is information on our production and the origin of our products if you would like to find out more. 

Care Guide
In order to benefit from your gold-plated jewelry for as long as possible, we recommend our Care Guide.
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