Creoles + Big Organic Edge Pedant Sale

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The pinnacle of our Organic Elegance Collection: our 18k Gold plated Big Organic Edge Pendant with our oval creoles. An exceptional statement piece that will elevate your look for generations to come.

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver 18k gold plated and 925 sterling silver Pendant
  • Big Pendant size: 3,5cm x 2cm x 0,4cm
  • Oval Creoles: 2,4 cm x 1,6 cm

So simple, so beautiful, so elegant. Our Organic Edge Earrings in gold and silver or bicolor are timeless & modern. As an extra benefit you can also wear in on our Necklaces or Natural Cords.

As the main piece of our "Organic Elegance" Collection, this pendant epitomizes the collection's theme of blending organic forms with elegant aesthetics. Its name not only describes its physical attributes but also evokes a sense of style and refinement. Just as nature seamlessly combines ruggedness with grace, this pendant seamlessly marries organic charm with elegant allure, making it the focal point of our collection.

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Care Guide
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