Our New Collection

Our new collection is done. Excitingly beautiful, excitingly different. We are proud of our new necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The jewelry pieces are not only captivating and lovely, but they also please all the senses. That is important to us.

3D Printing Technology

Using innovative 3D printing technology, we now have the opportunity to have our unique design ideas as precisely produced as they are drafted. We can play out our creativity in an even more optimal way with this printing technology, which you can see, which you can feel. Because our collection should not just decorate women. Our necklaces and earrings are also a statement. In our eyes every woman is strong and self-confident in her own way. Our jewelry highlights this proud, feminine attitude.

More Than a Necklace

A part of the profits from two of our new necklaces will go to the woman shelter iof Mission Freedom. The first necklace with an organically formed womb pendant, which we designed to symbolize the commitment to one’s own femininity. The second necklace features a pendant with the helping hands symbol. This is a personal necklace. We support each other as sisters, but for us it is also a matter of the heart to help others.

Our Mission

We are especially touched by the tragic fate of many women, who are forced into prostitution in Germany. The organization “Mission Freedom” makes it their goal to help these women. We want to contribute to this work, which is why we will be donating part of the profits. Our goal is to spread awareness that there is still human trafficking and forced prostitution in Germany today. You can find more information on this topic (here on Mission Freedom’s website).

As always, our new collection is top quality. All products are available in silver and gold. These pieces are also made of recycled silver and 18k thick gold plating. Jewelry for forever.

Womb Necklace

A statement of your feminine strength.
A special chain with a special pendant. A jewelry piece that acts as a statement of femininity. We specifically chose the symbol of the womb for this. The womb’s design is abstract, but this symbol of feminine strength is also recognizable in her full beauty. The necklace is available in different lengths, with the options silver and gold. And always with a strong message- be a woman, be confident, and show it.

Creoles + Nature Agate - Gold

Our beige summer suit: Creoles + Natural Agate The feeling of warmth, quiet, soft, like a mild summer night. These earrings make you dream. It’s this color, an unforgettable beige, that makes natural agate something special among gemstones. Paired with our beautiful gold Creoles it creates an exquisite look. These earrings are elegant, but they go with every look and every skin tone. A new edition to our Mix and Match Collection.

Helping Hands Necklace

Show everyone with this chain: These hands help Our jewelry shouldn’t just look good, we think jewelry is also a message. For us, the symbol of helping hands is a sign of solidarity, for helping one another, for love. But also, for gestures and feelings. The design of our helping hands expresses all of this. This necklace is simple, clear, but also has a powerful appearance. We created the pendant using 3D print technology to match perfectly match our idea. The necklace is available in two different lengths, in gold and in silver.

Gold Link Bracelet

A classic for your wrist- simple and elegant, delicate, subtle, but still elegant. Our dainty, gold bracelet is an undeniable classic among bracelets. A Must-Have for every woman that loves to be stylish. Timeless yet modern, minimalistic, and clear in design. Perfect for a simple look. You’ll love to always wear this jewelry piece; it defies all trends. The perfect classic.

Gold Crumb

A Gold chain with closure, that has real statement potential .The design of this necklace is already impressive. The perfectly interlocking links give this chain an extravagant note. The appearance is elevated even more by a golden closure in nugget form. We love striking closures. The magnet closure is something special, but the Nugget’s distinctive structure is what makes the closure unique and makes this necklace a real eye-catcher. Wear the nugget closure to the front for a statement look, but if that is a little too daring, wearing the nugget to the back transforms the necklace to a simple daily chain. Ideal for layering as well.

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