Since founding the jewelry label LLR Studios in their native city of Hamburg in 2018, sisters Lena and Luisa Rotetzki’sunique sense of style has manifested itself in luxurious, soulful handcrafted designs that all follow a single set of goalsto become timeless contemporary favorites, to spotlight the uniqueness of their wearers and to possess the capacity to shine with understated grandeur.

It is not surprising that the fashion and design management and business administration graduates now run their own jewelry label; after all, their passion for design was practicalldestiny. Even as children, nothing delighted them more than to surround themselves with their grandmother's collection of precious jewels. Today, this is still the inspiration behind many of their own designs. It is, however, in no way limited to the artistic design of the particular pieces, with which the sisters connect the past and the present. It is far more a celebration of the role, the perception and the inner value of jewelry, which they envision and create not as a short-lived accessory, but rather as a gesture of love and appreciation.

Theirs is a world where organic, gracefully curved baroque pearls meet linear, cool link chains. Where, according to today's mood and the occasion, gold-plated hoop earrings can be adorned in a flash using a mix & match system to apply richly colored gemstones such as prase quartz, lapislazulicalcite and cat's eye. This is precisely why the duo does not follow any fleeting fashion trends and does not believe in seasonal collections, but successively complements the basic range of gold-plated silver, gemstone rings and baroque pearls to herald a new age in jewelryA perfect example of this is LLR Studios’ Heritage Capsule Collection, launched in 2019; a tribute in real gold to their mother and grandmother.

The sisters find inspiration and materials for all their collections on their travels and their family. These materials must adhere to high standards in sustainability and quality. All designs for earrings, necklaces and pendants are elaborately handcrafted, "Made in Germany" and suppliers are neverrandomly picked vendors, but selected family enterprises that must meet the highest requirements.

Far more than just a jewelry label, the LLR Studios brand embraces a philosophy that brings contemporary design into harmony with family values.