Children always know what they want – they naturally go for it without lots of thinking. May it be foolishness or simply intuition, they follow their feelings and do what they love. Ultimately such behavior leads you to achieve your dreams.

We, Lena & Luisa Rotetzki (LLR), inseparable sisters, have always followed this motto. Since early on, we are driven by our passion for travelling, art, people and especially design. Growing up with our impressive grandmother has taught us about elegance, aesthetics and the beauty of jewelry. Thanks to her, we have discovered what real beauty means. This is why we have put all our love and passion into the creation of our unique handcrafted jewlery brand LLR Studios and we are more than happy to share this experience with you.  
Our silver and gold plated necklaces in combination with pearls and precious gemstones from all around the world embrace their aesthetic and elegance with your unique personality. Our handcrafted jewelry is designed for you as an individual – every single piece of our collection has an indistinguishable meaning that carries its own story and helps you to express your inner beauty. 
We really hope that we can make you happy, by sharing our love for what we do.

LLR Studios - You will feel it, once you wear it.